Game of cones: Kuala Lumpur’s best ice cream and desserts

Ice cream

No matter the question, ice cream is the answer. Source: Toa Heftiba / Unsplash

AS THE SUN adorns a hat and shines down upon the metropolis of Kuala Lumpur, its residents are heating up and constantly looking for the nearest air-conditioned room.

But why look for a plain old cold room when you could find a place that’s equally as cool and filled with ice cream?

Here for your personal cooling-off benefit are five of the most gloriously delicious ice cream and dessert parlors in Kuala Lumpur, sure to get you wishing every day was as warm as the last.


Despite the name, there are no fat babies working in the cafe. Located towards the south of the city in Subang, this cafe has a “winner, winner ice cream dinner” dessert.

Its signature dish, aptly named “Get stuffed”, sandwiches four scoops of ice cream between two fluffy toasted waffles, then applies layers of fresh banana and another scoop of ice cream before dousing the whole thing in caramel sauce.

Fatbaby spent two years supplying its renowned ice cream to cafes around town before opening their own joint.

However, they are only open on weekends, so make sure you get there early to sample each of the ever-changing 12 ice cream flavors.

Aboong Malaysia

If you’re Malaysian, we don’t need to tell you how crazy your fellow sweet-toothed citizens go for custard desserts. But if you’re from a faraway land that doesn’t have custard on the menu, then you’re going to want to check out this mega waffle from Aboong.

The waffle is crispy on the outside and fluffy in the center, and filled with either red bean, custard cream or Nutella as a base. It’s then dolloped with soft serve yogurt and sprinkled with either Nestum flakes or drizzled in chocolate before a mixed fruit skewer dipped in chocolate fondue is plonked on top. Can we get a hell yeah?

Morelli’s Gelato

When you were a kid, did you dream of making the biggest, most colorful ice cream sundae, jam-packed with all your favorite sweet treats? Welcome to Morelli’s, where your childhood gelato-infatuations can become a reality.

The ice cream shop and the factory can be found in Bangsar, and each delicious scoop is freshly made every day for your licking satisfaction.

For the child inside, we suggest you try the Berry Pavlova. The dessert is made up of layers of wildberry sorbet, raspberry yogurt, soft vanilla gelato, then drizzled in raspberry coulis with crumbled meringue and fresh berries to top it off.

Morelli’s can also be found supplying to some of the world’s biggest global brands, such Chanel, Calvin Klein and the Monaco yacht show.

Magnum Kuala Lumpur

Although it’s not exclusive to Kuala Lumpur, you couldn’t have a list of the city’s best gelato joints without mentioning it.

These special Magnums are so much more than the little heaven-like popsicles you grab out of a 7-Eleven freezer cabinet.

At the dedicated branch in Mid Valley Megamall, you can customize the classic dessert with some incredible toppings.

The ice cream experts can recommend combinations for you, from traditional chocolate and pistachio to racy chili flakes and sea salt.

If you fancy something with a hint of floral, try the rose petal and white chocolate combination. The taste fusions and textures are endless.

Kind Kones

Welcome to Malaysia’s first vegan ice cream bar. Kind Kones are nestled in a cozy little ice cream enclave on 1 Mont Kiara’s lowest level.

This gelato store exceeds every vegan’s wildest ice cream dreams. Opposed to just serving one icy flavor, the whole store is dedicated to infusing classic and vibrant flavors to create a taste explosion.

Check out the matcha and coconut flavor for a creamy green punch or the double chocolate chip with a hint of salt to get your taste buds dancing.

There is also raspberry mango coconut, golden milk with turmeric and candied ginger among the 30 daily flavors on offer.

This ice cream bar uses coconut milk and nuts as a base for all their ice creams and steers well clear of dairy, eggs, refined sugar, preservatives and artificial flavorings.

So, you can lick away, safe in the knowledge that each scoop has been made with love, care, and natural ingredients.